What Are You Doing With The Most Underutilized Page On Your Blog?

Does any of this sounds familiar to you?

You need an irresistible freebie for your readers! You gotta grow that email list! The money is on the list!

Even Pat Flynn has said, “If there was one mistake I could take back, however, it would
be the one I made related to my email list: I didn’t start one right away.”

We explore ways to make your most underutilized page, the thank you page, your most valuable ally. Check out these 6 strategies to nurture new subscribers!

What Are You Doing With The Most Underutilized Page On Your Blog?

We get it. List building is important, right?

You know what else is as important as having a great lead magnet? Your thank you page, which in my opinion is super important but in most cases is just an after thought (if it’s thought at all).

But first, What is a thank you page?

This is the magical page your readers land right after they have decided they want more of what you are writing, they want your lead magnet or just bought one of your products. It can also serve as confirmation for enrollment in future events like webinars or livestreams. A thank you page pageview means that you’ve made a conversion.

Now, imagine this scenario: 

Beckie wants to know more saving money this Xmas. After looking at Google’s results for her search, she lands on your blog post about saving money. You’ve written a series about this specific topic and have spent precious time and effort making a fab freebie for peeps like Beckie that wants to learn more. Beckie is excited and loves your freebie offer. She enters her email address and her name (don’t forget to ask for her name!) and then she gets this:

Don't do this!

Womp. Womp.

It literally breaks my heart when I see good intentioned people making this mistake. This is such a great opportunity to keep enchanting your new subscriber…. to keep building that relationship.

I know what you’re thinking at this point. Ok Yoly, you got me, so how do I do this? How do I nurture my new lead or subscriber?

#letsdothis #chooseyouradventure

6 Strategies to Nurture your new subscribers

Geit-it-now offer or tripwire:

We live in an instant gratification era. Do you really want to wait 30 days to get every detail of an email course or challenge? Well, one way to capitalize on this, is to offer a low cost “get it now” offer or tripwire. With a reasonably low price, you have a better chance to convert from free subscriber to paid customer in just one more click.


Instant access freebie:

You promised instant access, make sure you give it to them on the thank you page. This example over delivers (great job Fresh 20!) on their promise of just one sample meal plan.


No lead magnet:

The best strategy for this is for you to thank your new subscriber for their patronage (a video or audio would work pretty well) and invite them to those posts you have hand-picked for them. I like to think about this as putting on your best concierge service hat and show them your best content. These can be your most popular posts or posts you feel are the best for them to read. And really, they can also be posts you want more traffic on. The important thing here is to make them feel like you care. Because you do, right!


Share with friends:

The strategy behind this one is based on the principle that once the new subscriber has signed up for your lead magnet they are predisposed to share with their friends because they think your resource is cool.


Tell them what the next step is:

Ok, so you want to get your new subscriber focus on doing one thing… going to their email and confirm their subscription or read their first email in a sequence. In this case, just tell them exactly what to do. What a great opportinuty to show your personality using pictures and copy.


Using explainer video:

Video works great to establish another touch point or connection with your subscriber! Remember, the more they see you the more they are going to like you, they get to enjoy your teaching style and get to know you. Don’t be afraid to using video.


Your turn to take action!

We have discussed six strategies that are working right now. As I love seeing my friends blogs grow, please pick one of these strategies and implement it. Remember, imperfect action is better than perfect inaction.

Let us know in the comments what strategy will you implement this week!



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