A Founder’s Journey: Here we go!

The other day I was talking with our team latest hire. It made me reminisce on the good times when I was all in working and loving Cuponeando (my first blogging venture).

Sure, I let other people actions kill my joy (which, in retrospect that was so silly stupid)  but it really hurt see others take advantage of the success the brand had accumulated in the name of ignorance. Yet, I was taken aback to see how happy talking about saving money makes me. For too long I’ve been trying to do other things but like my sister said, this thing doesn’t want to die. So, why fight it? The brand still going good 8 and a half years later!

Now that’s off my chest (phew! It feels good) and I’m totally blaming this on the total eclipse… I’ve feel pulled back to go back to my roots and be true to my mission: help people have more money in their wallets.

I thought sharing my experiences of building a company from changing the “it’s just a blog” mindset to a thriving publication (worthy to be in print if we wanted to but it’s not really on our roadmap) would be something that others would find interesting and would be a good outlet for me.

Also, it will be great to do it here at IHM because since I’m a #numbersnerd we’ll grow the company by relying on our data. We’ll talk a bit of strategy, tactics, kpi’s (of course) and maybe most important: mindset.

It’s going to be an amazing journey… Here we go: let’s serve a 1,000,000 Latinx families!

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