Wineglass Half Marathon 2018 Recap

I still remember like it was yesterday… it was New Year’s Eve when my sister what’s app me. She was looking for a racecation in 2018 and was thinking about one in the Finger Lakes area in early fall.

As soon as she mentioned it, I was in. I didn’t think about my running was almost inexistent at that point. All that matter was that we had a run date!

Training started in March. I. Was. So. Out. Of. Form! It was definitely a humbling experience. After doing close to 300 miles in training, I prayed for good cool and dry weather.

Hubby and I left early in the week for New York and decided to stay at Tioga Downs. Where we enjoyed a little downtime. 

Let the Wineglass weekend begin

We stayed at the host hotel. Best. Decision. Ever. The Radisson was central and within walking distance to the finish line (Very important to me!) and the bus pick-up line.

As an aside, if you stay in Corning, you must dine at Slammin’ Jammin’ BBQ. It was so good, we went there twice!

We went to the expo early on Friday. It was small and cozy. The official race merchandise was so pretty! 

They had a line for each race. I decided to do the 5K line first.

Oh, the swag was amazing! The long sleeve tech half-zip was super cute and very appropriate for the weather we had on race day. That, a small bottle of champagne, and a stemless commemorative wine glass along with a fantastic large, heavy-duty string backpack and two $10 gift cards to stores near the finish line were given to all runners at packet pick up.

Saturday night we stayed in the room to rest from all the wine tasting we did earlier in the day. When Sunday came, we were out the hotel by 5:30am so we wouldn’t miss the bus ride to Campbell. That bus ride was the warmest thing all morning long!

It was so cold for us Puertoricans!

After spending some time at the high school gymnasium. We went to the portajohns and then to try to find a spot to start the race. I wish the race lineup would be different. We had to walk maybe a quarter mile off the starting line to get in line. I knew that meant starting the half a little faster that I wanted but keep walking to the back of the line was almost impossible.

Me and my partner in crime

The half marathon is a point to point from Campbell to Corning. The route was mostly flat and the spectators were fantastic all along. I’d told my husband that I would never run in the rain but that’s what I did.

It was cold but it wasn’t breezy. That was good! The volunteers were friendly and helpful. Their enthusiasm helped me at the end when I was beginning to feel tired.

The roads were closed down to one lane. I guess since I’m a back of the pack runner, my only scare was when a woman who clearly didn’t care about the race decided to drive in “our” lane. Thank goodness a cop made her turn around… that was scary! 

Other than that, my best memory is hearing Bart Yasso say, and here comes Yolanda from Orlando at the finish line. The emotion took over and I almost had a full-blown panic attack. And just like that, I had finished my third half marathon in 3:55:04. 

Next time (because I would totally do this race again) I’d stay the whole time in the Finger Lakes area and do more wine tastings!

Corelle 5K Race Recap

The Corelle 5K was a race that wasn’t in my calendar until a couple of weeks before the event. When my sister shared her plans for this racecation, the idea was for the husbands to do the 5K and the ladies do the half marathon.

And then, she texted that she wanted to do the Corelle 5K race because of the commemorative finisher’s plate you get. So, you know, that meant me jumping in the 5K as well because I was not going to be a spectator by myself. ?

Our crew included Batman ?

Check it out: Interested in the Wineglass Half Marathon instead?

The bib pickup and expo were located at the Corning Museum of Glass. We arrived about an hour after the expo opened on Friday.  It was not crowded. There was a line for each race. The swag for the 5K included a long sleeve cotton race shirt in red.  The logo was rad!

Once my sister got into town, we went to dinner. That night we enjoyed some BBQ at Slammin’ Jammin’… It was delicious!

Race day!

The race started right on time at 8 am. I thought the day was going to be cold. It was a gorgeous 52 degrees instead. My goal was to take it easy and to not be the last one of us to finish…

The course was a simple out and back. It was picturesque. Along the route, there were a ton of very supportive spectators! 

I was in good shape for the first half of the race but then I got really warm. I should have known better, so, I decided to take it easy since I still had the half marathon the next day. Once it was evident that the last two were my brother in law and me, we made the pact to finish the race together. 

After the race, in addition to the medal, all runners received a commemorative Corelle 5K plate. The catch, you had to pick it up at the Corelle store downtown, which was near the finish line for the half and full marathons.

All in all, we would totally do this race again!

Remarkable River Run 5K Recap

On Sunday, June 10 we made our return to road racing after being away for two years. Once we moved back to Orlando and having trails nearby to run, the itch came back. 

We made it a weekend out of this race and stayed in Daytona Beach so we didn’t have to wake up super early on Sunday. We went to The Running Elements at Port Orange Pavillion on Saturday afternoon to pick up our bibs and t-shirts. 

We got there close to 6:45 am and it was pretty much packed by that time! It was a typical 100% humidity and warm morning in Florida by the river. Watching the sunrise was gorgeous!

The 10k racers led the way promptly after listening to our national anthem 7:00 am. Then it was the 5K racers turn. It was our turn. A couple between a community of 141 other racers.

Our plan was to race together. However, it all went out the window after mile 1. We kept close until then but my left leg didn’t want to run at all. Now that I think about it, it was silly of me not to have a snack before the race. Oh well, that’s why we ran this race, as a little tune-up.

Needless to say, Mr. Batman (??) finished his race in what I call a respectable 41:39 while I finished in a just-ok for me 48:27.

The race was very well organized. The community is very open to all levels of runners and the breakfast was delish! 

This racing series happens 3 times a year. Check it out at Remarkable River Racing Series